Real Estate

DCS Properties is a team of professionals and network strategic partners that provide exceptional level of service to ensure the success of projects that we manage. We specialize in letting/selling of the various properties being coordinated by SC Group.

We provide professional, personalized and outstanding full service property management. Our years of experience will give you peace of mind.

Having combined experience in estate agency, Property Management and Project Management, we posses all the necessary credentials, expertise and knowledge to provide our clients with the following services.

Site Acquisition

We have a solid understanding of the real estate laws, terms, definitions and legal documents necessary to secure a client's real property interests for the purposes development. We oversee market collocation leasing operations, ensure that assignment and scheduling of work follows timeline, evaluate current procedures and recommend changes to improve efficiency of planning and scheduling of projects.

We engage all the relevant government agencies to oversee completion of Zoning and Permit applications for submittal to jurisdictions and coordinate the zoning process with outside counsel.

Feasibility studies

Before construction can begin, we carry out feasibility studies in conjunction with the architect, quantity surveyor and client to ensure a quick decision is made as to the project's viability.

Projects are often subject to complex legal and technical requirements, which the construction company must consider before deciding to invest.

Our launch management team enables you to start quickly and smoothly. As part of the feasibility study, we usually carry out a desk study to examine essential concepts such as likely ground conditions, infrastructure requirements and scheduling. We also work with the relevant statutory authorities to coordinate any planning permission procedures.